1. Well well well. You got lots of Pokemon.

    …Not exactly. What’s it to you?

  2. janet-halley:


    Janet! O-Of course, thank you, especially for that coffee back then, aha. 

    Might I ask how your work is going?

    It isn’t anything too exciting. In fact, it’s wonderfully boring and dull, right where I want it to be. It means I’m not stressed at all about what I’m doing! Yup yup yup!

    How’s your work coming along, anyway? Any new and exciting additions to the PC?

    [smiles] That’s always a good thing. Too much excitement is rather…. jeopardizing to a healthy lifestyle. And stress levels, heh.

    I don’t have anything extraordinary set up, just cleaned up some of the coding so there isn’t as much redundancy. Nothing exciting, either, just grunt work I never had time to do before.

  3. vespiqueen replied to your post: vespiqueen replied to your post: It’s a funny…

    i will celebrate your return with my Bill Folder i mean hey hows it goin!!!


  4. janet-halley replied to your post: It’s a funny thing.

    Hey, Bill? Good to see ya again. If you need someone to chat with again, you know my ear’s always open, yeah?

    Janet! O-Of course, thank you, especially for that coffee back then, aha. 

    Might I ask how your work is going?

  5. vespiqueen replied to your post: It’s a funny thing.

    HOT DOG HE’S BACK!!!!!!!!!!!

    …hello, Jordan. Nice to… see you too?

  6. It’s a funny thing.

    I’d never been one to really study psychology, not… human psychology, at least, because Pokemon always were more interesting and honestly I’d never seen any point to it. A rather single-minded point of view. Now that I’ve delved into it a bit, at least, I find there’s real merit in it. Using myself as a ‘test subject’ of sorts isn’t unusual either (aha…) but never in this sense. It’s quite unsettling, though at least there’s a 0% chance I’ll switch bodies with a rattata if all I’m doing is psychoanalysis. Not that psychoanalysis isn’t dangerous, but I’m no hypochondriac, so… ahem.

    After the events of the past summer, it seems I haven’t quite been… the same. I think the right way to put it would be… secondhand guilt? Hindsight is useless, I know, but it’s been hounding me lately. Janet really helped me out the last time we talked, but I really have been distant. Nothing’s really registering properly, and it’s easier to do work than to think it all through.

    Now that’s really avoiding the problem, isn’t it? Aha….

    I’d like to say I’m over whatever it was that got me into such a funk, but the fact that I can’t quite identify exactly what ‘it’ is probably tells otherwise. In the meantime, though, hopefully whatever social life I dredged up last year hasn’t completely deserted me… Machines and new projects are great and all, but I haven’t talked to anyone in ages.

  7. Hello there. You're the famous Kanto region Bill, correct? I've read a lot about you in my Ranger book. I'm Hajime from the Alma region and a Pokemon ranger. It's nice to meet you.

    Ah, well, I’m actually from Johto, but I guess since I live here now you’re not wrong.

    T-There’s an entry about me in a Ranger book? From the Alma region, you said?

    (Oh dear, I don’t know much about that region at all.)

  8. samueloak replied to your post: Ah! Bill! I didn’t see you start following me. How are you, lad?

    I’ve actually started a hunt for a legendary Pokemon with a few companions. Very interesting thus far. Have you been up to anything interesting?

    A legendary? I wish you luck, then, because I doubt it’ll let you find it unless it wants to be found… Though perhaps you have some new tricks up your sleeves?

    Lately, not much, just been tinkering with the system and sorting out some, ah, personal issues. Hopefully I’ll find something bigger to work on soon.

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